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Contracts & Agreement Drafts

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Warning: Please advise a licensed attorney when finalizing signed contracts, agreements and money exchanges.  Courtesy of

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   agency booking agreement

   agreement of foreign agency

   agreement of obligation to pay

   artist management contract ii

   artist master producer contract

   artist producer contract

   artist recording contract

   artist tech rider

   artists management contract

   artists management contract iii

   booking contract

   broad rights license

   broadcast recording contract

   broadcast release

   commercial music contract

   copyright assignment

   copyright assignment ii

   copyright assignment publisher to publisher

   copyright assignment publisher to songwriter

   copyright assignment short form

   copyright license

   copyright license and contract

   distribution contract

   event sponsorship contract

   event sponsorship contract ii

   exclusive agent musician contract

   exclusive songwriter contract

   exclusive songwriters contract ii

   film synchronization contract

   foreign agency contract

   international marketing contract

   international marketing contract ii

   joint venture contract publisher producer rec co

   joint venture contract publisher rec co distributor

   master recording license

   master track license

   master use recording license

   mechanical license i

   mechanical license ii

   mechanical rights license

   merchandise license contract

   merchandise licensing contract

   payment obligation contract

   performance contract

   personal management contract

   personal management contract ii




   personal management contract iii

   photographer contract

   photographer contract 

   producer composer contract

   producer manager contract

   producer royalties contract

   producer talent contract

   producers assistant contract

   production contract i

   production contract ii

   productiondistributionpromotion contract

   promotional contract

   publicity contract

   publisher record company contract

   publisher royalty sharing contract i

   publisher royalty sharing contract ii

   publishing contract

   receipt for masters contract i

   receipt for masters contract ii

   record codistributer policy statement

   record company producer contract

   recording company contract

   recording company contract ii

   recording contract artist

   recording contract iii

   recording contract iv

   recording manufacturing contract

   royalty agreement contract i

   royalty agreement contract ii

   royalty agreement contract iii

   royalty payment schedule

   single song option contract

   songwriters contract i

   songwriters contract ii

   songwriters contract iii

   sound and light contracting agreement

   studio charges time contract

   sub publishing contract

   talent record company contract

   talent release contract i

   talent release contract ii

   technical advisor and consultant contract

   tv movie film synchronization license

   union booking contract

   video release contract

   vocalist contract

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