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Radio Promotions


Below are the links to Urban & Top 40 mediabase radio stations with request lines that you can use to request that your music be played. The links include the radio stations along with the cities and zip codes, which are needed for all request line submissions. Simply complete the info with (Your artist & song) for the following link or link(s). Remember you need to register your song in order to receive payment from Nielsen.



Instructions for online radio requesting:
1. Click on a link to a station's playlist request site.
2. Check off the box beside "The Artist" - "Artist's Song" OR if it's not an option, enter it in the "Don't see your song above? Type it in here!" box near the bottom of the page.
3. Enter a name.
4.  Enter your zip code if you're from that station's city. If your zip code is NOT near the station, use the one provided in this thread or in the request links site.
5. Enter the confirmation code.
6. Click "submit".
7. Do it again for another station. 

8. Below "Daily Updates" are links for the top most current songs played in each genre according to Nielson ratings.

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